Ryan Nine Months Old | San Diego, CA

It’s hard to believe that Ryan (aka Peanut) is Nine months old. Renee, Ryan and I have managed to not only survive but become a tight-knit little group. Don’t get me wrong, parenthood has not been easy for any of us but the many sleepless nights, crying (not just Ryan), screaming (again, not just Ryan) have all been worth it in ways I never thought imaginable.

Ryan’s teeth are starting to come in and this has called for some celebrating in the Burns household. Ryan is exploring new foods each day. During a recent meeting, I received a text message from Renee that Ryan was enjoying my leftover steak. Tonight, we finally had our Saint Patrick’s Day meal and Ryan enjoyed some corned beef. To help with Ryan’s teething she’s been having Biter Biscuits. We were heading out one day and I grabbed a couple of the biscuits to take along. Renee looked at me and said you can’t give her that if we’re not home!

Now I understand why…..

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