San Diego PUG with Jared Platt

Photographers are great decision makers when shooting. Why are they not great decision makers when editing?

This was the question Jared Platt recently asked a group of photographers at the San Diego Pictage Users Group.

Why do most photographers find post production to be difficult? They stop being photographers and enter the digital world. They start looking at images one at a time like an eye exam. Which looks better, image one or image two. Once they put the camera down they stop being photographers.

Take back the selection process by following these rules:

  1. Look at images in groups, NOT one at a time. Eliminate the back and forth between images. (Cull by time shot if reviewing images from multiple cameras.)
  2. Do not use the X or Reject key. Use positive selection.
  3. Work in a distraction less environment. Turn off email, phone, Twitter, Facebook.
  4. Just be a photographer. React to images with gut instinct. Remember life is full of imperfections.

What will you gain from this process?

  1. Become a better photographer.
  2. Make better photographic decisions.
  3. Process and deliver fewer images to your client in less time.

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