iPhonography | UCSD, San Diego

Over the past nine weeks I’ve been enjoying a Intermediate Photography class through UCSD Extension.

The Assignments for the quarter were as follows:
1. Monochromatic COLOR
2. Environmental Portraiture
Fragments, Abstraction or Pattern
Light and Shadow, Reflection and/or Point of View

My theme for this quarter and challenge, iPhonography.  All images were shot and post processed on the iPhone.  The images below are only a small representation of the photographs taken during this class.  Additional images can be viewed on my newly created projects website.  Giving up the control offered by trusty DSLR to shoot an entire quarters projects was scary at first but turned into a  freeing and creative assignment.

Thursday night was the last meeting for this quarter, AKA final presentations.  The evening was full of great work by everyone in the class.  It was enjoyable to see how the bits and pieces of work seen over the weeks came together in the students newly created websites.

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