American Skateboard Racing Federation, 3rd race “Fast As Hell”

Looking for some CRAZY speed, danger, crashes and amazing people? Check out the American Skateboard Racing Federation (ASRF). Well, that’s if you can find them. People have always had a love, hate relationship with skateboarders. As skateboarding is becoming more accepted, downhill skateboard racing is still considered outlawed so most race locations and times are usually announced last minute.

On a winding back road in Southern California I had the opportunity to photograph this great group of people. Young, old, male, female, groms, pros, everyone is welcome to race or watch and everyone is treated like family, even those that have never raced with this group, including this outsider. You immediately notice the speed. You can see it, hear it and feel it and the racers go by at speeds range between 30 – 40mph, sometimes even higher. Most racers wear space age looking helmets with leather suits to make sure they are protected while others race in shorts. Yes, accidents and injuries do happen and when they do, people respond faster than you see watching professional sports.

I’m looking forward to photographing this amazing sport again in the future. Below are a few images from the day.

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